About Us

Dr. Whitmore is the founder of Travel 4 Kids’ Sake. Dr. Whitmore is a sociologist that focuses on child behavior. He has a passion for his vision which is to ensure that all children have access to the wonders of the world and his mission is to provide children without the financial means safe travel that educates them in such a way that their lives are changed for the better forever.

Our nonprofit organization is focused on helping children expand their perspective about others and the world through travel. Science has shown again and again that kids who broaden their worldview grow to become productive members of society embracing different cultures and peoples with dignity and respect.

Our 501(c) organization has no paid employees we are all volunteers, as such, all funds are targeted toward kids travel except for administration fees to maintain and upgrade the website.

You can make a difference in the lives of kids from coast to coast with a small donation of your choosing. Please help us preserve America’s future and the future of the world through travel 4 kids’ sake.

Thank You,

Roy Whitmore, PhD


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