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Happy-kids-travelingEXECUTIVE SUMMARY

Current and Future Opportunity:

Too many of our disadvantaged kids live in a world where education is drastically reduced for important activities at their schools, and their parents or guardians are missing in action. These kids have little if any access to travel their city and indeed not our great country or the world. Left behind these kids find hope in crime, drug, or prostitution. Sadly, our current system of public education is not equipped to help these kids become productive members of our society. Here at Travel 4 Kids Sake (T4KSS), we can help fill a critical educational gap for these kids. We know that through travel, we can turn many of these young people into citizens that can change the world.

Science has taught us that when children and teens travel beyond their restricted environment, they grow intellectually, they are less likely to engage in misguided behavior. Today’s youth, in particular, our urban youth face challenges that can quickly take them off course and far too often make them into unproductive adults. Having the opportunity to travel with a team of educated adults and to uncover the beauty of the world about them can help determine the type of adult they will become. Science also tells us that these young people will likely become productive members of our society when they have the opportunity to engage the world about them in positive ways.


Our Mission:

“Provide children without the financial means safe travel that educates them in such a way that their lives are changed for the better forever.”

While engaging in a conversation with one of our community leaders, I learned that she had a great desire to take some of our kids to Washington DC so they could experience our great history in real-time. However, she nor the community had the funding, so the trip was placed on hold. Out of that burning desire, I developed the concept for “travel 4 kids sake.”

Travel 4 Kids Sake (T4KSS) is a nonprofit organization focused on helping children expand their perspective about others and the world through travel. Science has found that kids that broaden their worldview grow to become productive members of society embracing different cultures and peoples with dignity and respect. Our 501(c) organization has no paid employees we are all volunteers, as such, all funds are targeted toward kids travel except for administration fees to maintain and upgrade the website, marketing, and advertising.

Child safety is our number one concern and priority. Thus, we conduct background checks on our adult mentors twice a year to help ensure that we have qualified educators and guides wearing the wings of T4KSS. Because they are all parents, they understand the importance of rigorous training for our team members if they desire to wear the wings for T4KSS.

Our Solution

T4KSS program has high expectations for disadvantaged kids to further their education through travel and to become valuable members of our society. The program provides training and education through travel for young kids, most of whom come from challenging backgrounds and life situations and like the founder many have never had the opportunity to travel beyond their communities and neighborhoods. We will expand the minds and visions of the kids that participate in our program and ultimately improve their lives, the lives of their families, and the lives of future generations through travel.

Expected Returns

Studies have confirmed that sharing the wonders of America and the world with young people can raise their expectations for their future. Several recent studies have proven a significant return on investment in the quality of life for kids that travel beyond their communities. Studies, as current as 2018, found a positive and indefinable relationship between travel and the quality of life, particularly for kids. One study found that “traveling away from one’s usual place of living to engage in a range of different activities is more likely to offer a variety of experiences that can bring pleasure and enhance the quality of life.”

Source: Wilder Research

Will you join us as we take this exciting journey with kids and for kids. Please consider becoming a volunteer, a board member, or make a generous donation. You can contact us at, 1800.249.2752 or contact us through our website at

We thank you in advance!

The travel 4 kids sake team

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