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Support Kids Education!!!

I had a fairly old computer that I almost gave to Goodwill or another charity, but I decided to contact my local church to see if the members knew of any kids that needed a computer. Zakius Hardy received my computer; please read the appreciative letter he sent me.

We have so many kids that only have access to technology when they attend school. Now because of the unpredictable COVID-19 virus, they have little or no access to computers. Due to the poor quality of technology in some schools, kids were behind, and now without help, they are in danger of falling even further behind in their education; but we can help. As we all know, knowledge can reduce crime. 

Please dust off those old computers wipe them clean and contact your local churches or schools, for help locating a kid that is excited about education and needs a computer.

Also, travel 4 Kids Sake accepts donations to purchase computers for kids who are left behind because of this virus. We are working with churches and school districts to identify kids that need a computer. We will make the purchase and send you a personal thank you note from the kid. You can donate at https://travel4kidssake.com or email us at help@travel4kidssake.com

We are a 501 (c) (3); as such, your donations are tax-deductible. 

Educate Kids through travel!

When children and teens travel beyond their restricted environment, they are less likely to engage in a misguided behavior. Today’s youth, in particular, our Urban youth face challenges that can quickly take them of course and far too often make them into unproductive adults.  Having the opportunity to travel with a team of educated adults and to uncover the beauty of the world about them can help determine the type of adult they will become, and science tells us that they will likely become productive members of our society.

Child safety is our number one concern and priority. To ensure that the adults that wear the wings of Travel 4 Kids’ Sake are qualified to help kids grow through travel we work continuously with our security team to ensure that our team’s background checks are current. As educators and parents, we know the importance of training so to earn a set of travel4kidssake wings rigors training is a must for all team members.

Support travel4kidssake and change the trajectory of kids without the means to see the beauty of our great country and the world.

Lauri needs your help!