Our Impact

Based on our research and the actual results of organizations such as the very prestigious Jeremiah program based in Minneapolis – St Paul., we can estimate that for every $1 invested in the travel4kidssake program that there will be a return of up to $7 to society through first-generation benefits of decreased dependence upon public assistance and increased taxable earnings. Plus, second-generation benefits of increased lifetime earnings/taxes paid, and savings from costs associated with crime and special education.

Travel 4 Kids’ sake (Travel4kidssake) has high expectations for determined young kids to experience the world beyond their community and their culture. The program provides the opportunities and experiences that the young children we support, most of whom come from extremely challenging backgrounds and life situations without the critical knowledge, to navigate the world about them. So too, many have never experienced a positive environment beyond their community and neighborhoods. Science has found that sharing the wonders of America and the world with young people can raise their expectations for their future. Several recent studies have proven a significant return on investment in the quality of life for kids that travel beyond their communities. Studies as recent as 2018 found a definite and indefinable relationship between travel and the quality of life particularly for kids. One study found that “traveling away from one’s usual place of living to engage in a range of different activities is more likely to involve a variety and socialization that can bring pleasure and enhance the quality of life.”

source: Wilder Research

Every $1 invested in early childhood development saves at least $7 in social costs.

source: Ascend at the Aspen Institute

More than 13 million kids are still in need of someone who will stand in their corner. We support the facts that kids that travel outside of their existing communities grow and become significant contributors to the success of their communities and America. With your support, we can sharpen our focus. We can reimagine how to help kids grow — modernized how we help kids develop and start to change America from our “KIDS” up.

Our kids’ guides are adults that are vetted not only by a respected licensed organization but the founder Dr. Whitmore personally interviews and confirms the references of each adult kid guide. As such we expect similar results to what Big Brothers Big Sisters has, and that is that kids who participate in the travel4kidssake program will be less likely to use illegal drugs, less likely to begin using alcohol, less likely to skip school or class and less likely to display abusive behavior.

Travel 4 kids sake program has high expectations for disadvantaged kids to further their education through travel and to become valuable members of our society. The program provides training and education through travel to young kids, most of whom come from challenging backgrounds and life situations and like the founder many have never had the opportunity to travel beyond their communities and neighborhoods.

We have high expectations for expanding the minds and visions of the kids that participate in our programs and ultimately, we expect to improve their lives, the lives of their families and the lives of future generations through travel.

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